Friday, April 8, 2011

Toadally Tutus

In the midst of preparing to launch the Toadally Tutus Children's Charity, my extremely generous cousin asked if I was taking orders yet. Orders? Why yes, no one turns down an order! I figured I could whip up a tutu and have it out the door in no time...didn't matter if I wasn't necessarily ready. What is ready anyway? Well, I quickly learned that ready meant I had to come up with and actually decide on a name, logo to go with the name, tags, info sheets, a shipping process (ie. pretty packaging, some stickers), a decent website so that when the recipients wanted to find us online there was actually something there, and many other tedious little bits. No worries, I can do this. It's for a good cause, and little ones in the hospital are going to be so happy.

What I didn't expect was for my cousin to order not one, but three tutus! And just after that, a friend put in another order! So, without even officially launching we are up to 4 tutus ready to be donated! Then, to top it off, my oh-so-gracious cousin and her husband mailed a check for over the price of the tutus just because they wanted to be part of our cause! Thank you for kicking this off in such a positive way.

If you too want to order a tutu, they will be listed in The Farrier's Daughter online shop.

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